# 11 – Due Day is finally here……

Well, here we are, Due Day.

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, with so many people telling us my wife would be early, but I can report there has been no murmurs at all ……. yet.

Every day I set off, say goodbye to my wife (if she is awake) not knowing if I will get a call throughout the day telling me to get home asap. It’s very difficult to plan your day and throw yourself into something knowing that you may be off home for two weeks.

My only fear with my wife starting labour when I am at work is that (for those who have been to London) the Southern Trains will be having one of their bad days and everything will be delayed and I may not get home in time. I am aware that things don’t happen that quickly especially when it is your first, but Southern are a pretty dire company!

A few weeks ago I felt unprepared but would just roll with the punches, but now, now I feel like I am prepared as much as I can be. Sure, I probably have only scratched the surface as to what I am supposed to know but I feel a sense of calm about it all. I know when the time comes I will go into super focused mode and ensure that we get to the hospital when summoned and after it is all out of the way I will more than likely start to go through stages of relaxation and concentration resulting in an emotional mess!

I can see my wife getting impatient, eagerly wanting to get on with things. Should we really be wishing away our last free time? Surely we should be making the most of our last days of peace and quiet?

People are interacting with us differently, all excited to hear if there is any news, I can tell a few people (like my work colleague James) are trying not to give too much away, but underneath I know he is communicating “you sunshine are going to be in a world of hurt, it will take years before you can properly relax once again”. Is it going to be that bad? Surely whatever happens I just need to man up and get on with it; there is no receipt, no refunds.

I’m curious to meet this little person, especially after it has been taking up so much space in our house and it isn’t even here yet. What will it look like? I’m hoping it doesn’t take after me as a baby, I had a massive head and no neck. My wife has spent so much time preparing for this arrival, her friends and our families have been great but when it is all said and done and the timer goes off and the bun is removed from the oven we will be on our own. Thank God I have my trusty manual by my side!


For those who know what this is;


I sure won’t miss it!


One thought on “# 11 – Due Day is finally here……

  1. Wishing you both the best. It’s very hard work (more than anyone tells you) but also the best thing you will ever do!



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