# 10 – Is it a boy or a girl?

We opted not to find out, it won’t be long now and we will know the answer.

Our 12 week scan was an interesting experience, it was the first time that any emotion hit me seeing a little baby shape on a screen sucking its thumb. At the 20 scan we had specifically asked not to find out the sex of the baby (it was ultimately my wife’s choice, I was very laid back about it all).

After the scan the lady in charge of the machine (the sonographer, I think), said “oh we can’t give you that picture it will give it away”, now immediately I thought “it’s a boy”. But is it?

Could she have gone home and told her partner “I played a great joke on a couple today, led them to believe that they are having a boy and guess what, it’s a girl!” Followed by a raucous of laughter.

Or she was just telling the truth and my understanding of trying to keep your job interesting with a conveyor belt of expectant parents is just false.

During the scan we were told that one of the kidneys was slightly larger and it would need to be monitored, this was something that was new to me. After researching the condition online it is apparently more common in baby boys.

We have been told all the old wives tales, “the bump is more to the front, it is definitely a boy”, “you have had no sickness during your pregnancy, it’s definitely a boy”. We have even done the ring test and again points to a boy. Have all these tests and predictions subconsciously got my hopes up? Will I be a little disappointed if it is a girl?

The truth is I don’t have a preference at all, this isn’t a shop where you hand pick a gift and tailor it to your needs, it is (so I have been told) a wonderful gift. I am the only boy in my family, including cousins, so it would be nice to continue the family name. Girls could be more of a handful in the future, how would I cope in years to come when a potential partner wants to court one of my pride possessions?

So many people I know have struggled initially to get pregnant and many do sadly have problems conceiving. I am just grateful that at this moment in time we have a bump on the way, I may regret it all at a later date when I don’t get any sleep!

But the reality is I don’t mind what sex the baby is, we may even have a hermaphrodite that turns out to be a gold medallist at the Olympics!


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