# 8 – Baby First Aid Course

Whilst visiting the hospital open evening I was told that we should use our time wisely and spoke to many of the stands that were available at the time; breast feeding, recyclable nappies, stem cell research, and baby first aid.

It is baby first aid that I am writing about today, after speaking with the women I could tell instantly that this was something that would be important, not only for me to attend, but for me to listen and focus on as well (it may be obvious to some readers that I am a bit weary of people constantly trying to sell us stuff, it seems there is big money in babies, oh and weddings!).

I was informed by my wife last week that baby first aid was booked in the diary, normally they hold these events at someone’s house;

can’t I go after the baby is born?” I asked,

no we are hosting the event here” she replied,

I nearly choked on my dinner!

So last night we hosted baby first aid, and we were accompanied by two other couples from the NCT class. All the guests were offered a refreshment and snacks, I didn’t realise we were entertaining as well.

Caroline, from Daisy First Aid took this informal session and explained what we would learn that evening. There was a different sense of focus, I am not sure if its because we weren’t sat on hard plastic chairs in a 1960s village hall or if it was because there were less of us in a more comfortable environment.

The course covered the recovery position on babies and CPR comparing this to how it differs with adults. I had volunteered so she could put me in the recovery position “pick up his knee so you can use it like an anchor” she instructed, “what did you call me?” I sharply replied. It appears that my dad jokes have started already.

There was an uncomfortable feeling of having to pick up a mannequin baby, legs spread like a frog, having to smack it on the back as if it was choking and other various techniques that we were taught. Sure, this was just a lump of plastic, but if this was a real life scenario God it would be terrifying.


I have been on a first aid course many years ago, but when you are blowing into half a mannequin the scenario doesn’t seem as real. When you are presented with a full bodied baby there is a point where the laughter has to stop and the seriousness kick in.

We also looked at burns, meningitis, head injuries, seizures and allergic reactions to name a few. Overall I found these 2 hours probably the most engaging of all the baby events that I have been made to attend, also slightly concerning that if God forbid something did happen I would more than like be the first point of call before the ambulance arrives.

Obviously there is a cost element to all of this, my own view and it is only a personal view based on no research whatsoever, is that if you haven’t done a first aid course that covers how to deal with an emergency involving babies and children this would be something that would be worthwhile budgeting for.

In other news we have been invited to a NCT BBQ on Saturday…….



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