# 7 – We lost the race

Well, we were supposed to be the first couple to have our baby from our NCT group. However, we were not, another lovely couple had a baby boy towards the end of last week, three and a half weeks early. Mother and child are doing well apparently (I say apparently as I get updates from my wife on their NCT Whatsapp group).

So I have informed my wife that I’m not angry, just disappointed, as nobody remembers second place.

Hearing about this new entry to the world has really hit home that the clock is ticking; time is running out. We are just over a week away until the Mini Mac enters this world. I am more than aware that the first baby is normally late but my wife is huge and this bump is low. I have a feeling that this child will be with us before August 3rd.

To quote R.E.M: “It’s the end of the world as we know it” – but I don’t feel fine.

After being so calm and confident that everything will be fine I suddenly felt a sense of vulnerability; was I really prepared? Could I cope should this baby arrive in the next 24 hours? Do I even know how to change a nappy (diaper if you are reading in the USA)? (I didn’t really learn from the last debacle at my Godson’s house, although we did have a lesson at NCT).

So feeling demotivated at work I sprung into action and watched some Commando Dad videos during my lunch.

For anyone who needs some help you can follow the link here;


Surely the most important role at this point in time is for me to be able to change a nappy (diaper) right? Master that and I’m making a good start to fatherhood. Apart from generally support my wife I can’t imagine that I am going to be that helpful during the first 6 weeks (I am not sure why 6 weeks is always mentioned), so it looks like lots of sleepless nights, cooking and cleaning for me! Time will tell if men can really multi-task.


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